APPEARANCE: Large, Strong & Muscular. Bobcat look

HEAD: Large, Round, heavy brow. males with jowls

MUZZLE: Square, Square chin- chin even with nose in profile.

NOSE: Flesh colored pink with black outline, broad, somewhat fleshy & longish with a slight Roman look in profile below eye line, sloping down- not out. Solid Black nose acceptable in solid Ebony's

EARS: Large, wide set, somewhat spoon shaped with tuffs on the end and along the inside edge of long haired cats.

EYES: Large, wideset, almond shape. Colors: Gold or Green. Blue eyes in the Snow colors only.

NECK: Thick and muscular.

BODY: Muscular, solid, with powerful hind quarters, straight, slightly rounded to tail, rear higher then front. Bobcat looking body.

LEGS: Strong, straight with rear legs slightly longer, powerful, with good angulation to the hock

FEET: Large, with toe tuffs' on long haired. Polydoctal acceptable.

TAIL: Rumpie to 3/4 length. (to hock) acceptable. Feathering on long hair's. Natural Bobtails preferred, docking acceptable.

COLORS - LEOPARDS: Snow, Silver, Blue, Charcoal, Lavender, Chocolate, Red, Copper, Beige, Ebony.
MARBLES: Same as Leopards but the pattern is swirled instead of spotted.
CLOUDED LEOPARDS: A mixture of spots and swirls. Spots can be large, and are of different shapes, can also have reverse spotting.

COAT: Smooth coat, Plush coat, Long, All acceptable. All Desert Lynx have belly spots, eye stripping, horizontal leg & tail stripes. Stripe down the back acceptable.

WEIGHT: Females- 12 - 18 lb. Some 20lb.
Males- 16- 20 lb. Some 25 lb.

PERSONALITY: Sweet, Affectionate, People loving, Relaxed. (follow you everywhere)

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Unknown. This breed is too new.


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