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Female kitten (Love Spots Zorah, owned by SpiritPaws Cattery email and Love Spots Khan owned by
Love Spots Cattery

Copper Ebony Leopard Queen - Love Spots ZuZu, owned by
Spiritpaws Cattery

Bugs, Chocolate Ebony Leopard longhaired neutered male that was born on June 20, 2003
HotSpots Cattery email

J.R. taking a nap with his frog buddy! He is a Copper Ebony Leopard polydactyl. He is one of our many pets.
HotSpots Cattery email

El, female and much loved pet belonging to Courtney,
bred by Love Spots Cattery

Tinkerbelle, female Copper Ebony Clouded Leopard polydactyl
HotSpots Cattery email

Got Milk? ( I think someone better have some!!)
Love Spots Cattery email




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