There are 2 types of memberships for the
Desert Lynx Cat lover.

Pet owner membership = $20. U.S.
Life time general membership is $200. U.S.
Each additional member of the pet owner household $10. each life time membership for additional household member is $100. U.S.

A GENERAL membership entitles you to:
1. Receive a membership card.
2. Participate in on-line discussions on the IDLCA E-mail list.
3. Vote on issues concerning IDLCA and the Desert Lynx Cat & its future.
4. Access the quarterly on line Newsletter.
5. May submit photos of your pet Desert Lynx for consideration for publication in the on-line Pet Gallery. Photos appearing in this gallery will be rotated in and out of the gallery 2 - 3 times a year, despending on how many photos are available to IDLCA.
6. Participate in many up coming special IDLCA activities.


Annual fee = $30. U.S.
Life Time Breeder Membership = $300. U.S.

You must sign and adhere to IDLCA Code of Ethics to be a breeder member.

Breeder Members accrue benefits of general membership and are also entitled to:

1. FREE IDLCA web site Breeder listing that includes one color photo (web ready) with a blurb, must fit allotted space, with one FREE edit change per membership year.

2. Hot link to your website will be provided at no cost, only of you provide a hot link back to IDLCA with the approved logo to be utilized by IDLCA members in good standing on their Web Pages. If you use the IDLCA logo you must provide a return link to IDLCA home page.

3. Run for a IDLCA office.

4. Submit photos for consideration in the IDLCA Galleries.

5. Submit articles for consideration for publication in the quarterly on-line newsletter.

6. May have family members join, same as General membership. $10. U.S. each $100. U.S. Lifetime Membership.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership is annual. Starting with January 1, 2002, annual membership will be valid through December 31st of each year. Lapsed membership will be pulled on February 1 of each year. A penalty fee may be charged to renew a lapsed membership.


IDLCA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE, REVOKE OR SUSPEND ANY MEMBERSHIP FOR CONDUCT, STATEMENTS OR ACTIONS (PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE) as deemed by the board to be detrimental to IDLCA, to the Desert Lynx breed, and/or to be in violation of the IDLCA's Constitution
and/or IDLCA's Code of Ethics. IDLCA nor the Board members are obligated to produce, supply or provide any information regarding their decisions. The decisions of the Board are final and confidential.

Fees are subject to change by the IDLCA Board.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Please note: It is not required to register your cats with IPCBA to
become a member or to hold an office in IDLCA or in one of
the IPCBA Chartered Board Associations.

All Funds go to the support of the
International Desert Lynx Cat Association

Please print and fill out the application here
and then send it to:
P.O. Box 511
Selma, Or. 97538

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All text and photographs are the property of IDLCA and
may not be copied, reproduced or reprinted without
written authorization from IDLCA.



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